Jungle Scout Review – Is It The Best Amazon Tool?

March 31, 2020

Can Jungle Scout be helpful? Yes, but there are some dirty little secrets about Jungle Scout you should know before you buy, including why you don’t need it and how you can get all the features Jungle Scout gives you for free.

Let’s get into the tactics.

I have one product that just last month did almost $40,000 and I found it without using Jungle Scout, and I’ll share with you how I found it later in this article, but first let’s do a pros and cons on whether or not you should get Jungle Scout, and let’s start with the cons.

Cons of Jungle Scout

The first thing to keep in mind is that part of the reason so many Bloggers and YouTube gurus tell you that you need to get Jungle Scout is because they make an affiliate commission off of it. They usually have a little link and if you use their link, they’ll make an affiliate commission. Now, that’s not to say that Jungle Scout is or isn’t helpful but this is just something you should know when you’re watching all these YouTube videos and everybody’s telling you to get Jungle Scout. A lot of them are getting a kickback from Jungle Scout and that’s part of the reason they’re telling you to get it.

Con number two is there are a lot of free alternatives to Jungle Scout. For instance, and I thank Jungle Scout for doing this, they give you what I think is the most important feature of Jungle Scout for free and that’s the sales estimator. Basically, what you’ll do is you’ll take the best-selling rank number and put it into their app and it will show you exactly how much that item is making in revenue a month. Another technique to find out how much an item is selling is the 999 technique. Now, this is a flawed technique. Basically, what you do is you go to order an item and for the quantity, you put in the number 999 and what will happen is Amazon will say, hey, they don’t have 999 in stock; they only have 57, and then you come back in a day or two and you do the same thing and it’ll say 37, and you know that over the course of a few days, they sold 20 of that item.

Now, there’s a lot of issues with this technique. For instance, someone like myself might have over a thousand items in there. The other thing is sometimes, Amazon moves inventory around or people add more inventory, so one day, it’ll say 57, then a few days later, it’ll say 87 and you won’t be able to get the sales numbers. There’s a lot of issues with that but that’s another free alternative.

Another feature that Jungle Scout has is the Amazon fee calculator. Well, Amazon gives this too for free. Just Google “Amazon fee calculator” and you can calculate how much your FBA fees will be.

And the last big con I have with Jungle Scout isn’t really a con with Jungle Scout per se, it’s more of a con with this entire white label, private label thing. Now, hear me out here for a second because I know a lot of people talk about the beauty of white labeling, private labeling. I personally am totally against it. I don’t think you should just find some random product, slap your brand on it, and sell it on Amazon. I think that worked in the past and it may even work for the next year or two but long term, this is not a good strategy; it’s not the best way to make money on Amazon.

What I recommend doing, and this is the technique I use to find my product is find something that you wish existed in the world. Find something that you’re really passionate about and create it, and it’s not as hard as you think; my wife, I helped her create a product. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Now understand, you might not be ready yet to take that jump. You might need to do the baby steps of creating a white label product, and if that’s the case, that is fine, but just keep this in mind that the more unique your product is, the less likely someone else is going to come in and be able to steal your lunch. There’s a reason most bloggers and YouTubers don’t tell you what product they’re selling on Amazon and it’s at least partially because they’re scared that you’re gonna copy their product, do it better than them, and their sales are going to drop. I’m personally not that worried about it because my product is so unique and it’s pretty hard for somebody to copy that I don’t have too much fear of somebody copying it.

Pros of Jungle Scout

And now let’s get into the pros of Jungle Scout. It’s not all cons, there are some benefits to Jungle Scout, and there’s one big pro, in my opinion. It will save you time.

Do you need Jungle Scout? No. Do I use Jungle Scout? Yes, and if you’re in research mode, especially if you’re planning on private labeling or white labeling which I don’t recommend, just to reiterate, then Jungle Scout will save you time if you don’t want to do the manual methods I talked about before.

One of the biggest advantages of Jungle Scout is the automated review request option. Asking customers to leave a review (through Amazon’s dashboard) has previously been a manual task that was debatably worth it. Since testing their automated review request option, our review volume has doubled in a matter of days. This is easily worth the price of the subscription.

So after all of this, if you do think it’s worth it for you to buy Jungle Scout to save you time, then you can use my link here to buy Jungle Scout. Now, I do get a small kickback from Jungle Scout, but as a thank you, not only are you gonna get a discounted price with these links, I will give you a free one-on-one consulting session to help you grow your Amazon sales. I show you exactly what I’m doing to increase sales. I share an income report detailing exactly how much money I’m making for my products, and if you want to learn how to create a passion product and sell it on Amazon, you can read other posts on our blog or contact us for consulting.

Jungle Scout is really releasing some interesting tools. We’re really pleased with the review automation tool. More to come on that tool but we find that Jungle Scout is moving in the right direction to keep up with some of the competition like Sellics and Helium 10 that are aggressively marketing and building out their product offerings.


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