Jungle Scout VS ZonGuru – Amazon FBA Tool Comparison! Which one is better

October 20, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to this comparison article. We are going to be discussing ZonGuru which is an up-and-coming amazon FBA tool versus one of the big boys in the market, Jungle Scout.  

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We are going to be putting these two tools head-to-head in this intense boxing match. You’ve got their health bars up here and this is going to be a very-very-VERY to-the-point detailed article on which tool is better and which tool deserves your money.  

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Let me just quickly add a slight disclaimer here; this is not going to be a tutorial on how to use the tools. If you’re looking for those articles then check out our blog. But this is literally just a breakdown of which tool I think and again it’s all personal opinion obviously ritual. I think is better after using both of them and testing both of them.  

Now this is good if you’re in the Amazon FBA business if you’re not in the Amazon FBA business this is still a good article to read because this is the start of your Amazon FBA journey. People always want to get a tool they want to they want help product research all that kind of stuff, so definitely read this article just so you can get a bit of a better if you get insight into if you want to start Amazon FBA what tool should you be using right. 

So, let’s get started straight away we’re going to be splitting at this boxing match up into three different categories pricing and features, ease of use and accuracy. And within each of those categories we’re going to talk a bit about; which tool is better; which tool is worse; and then we are going to give a score at the end of each category and at the end we will give an overall which one won.  

ZonGuru vs Jungle Scout Pricing

So, let’s get right into it fine starting with pricing and features now I’ve got all my notes on my computer here because there was a lot and I wanted to make this detailed for you and accurate for you so I don’t want to miss anything, so let’s go through it right now.  

Both of the tools let’s start with the features both of the tools have very similar features they both offer solid niche research tools which I’m sure you’re aware of. And that is basically where you you input all the categories that you’re happy to go for, you input the prices, you input the product rank and then it will spit out a whole bunch of potentially good products. Both of those tools have brilliant versions of that tool okay. Both of them have a solid product research tool whereby you know on the Amazon actual website you have the Chrome extension where you can click a button and it gives you all the information on that search that you have done on Amazon. Both have solid versions of that too. Both have very-very-very good tracking keywords, tracking product, tracking sales. They both got tracking down to a tee. Both track keywords and data in great detail okay; all the keyword data they both have really good tracking like brilliant for that. I think ZonGuru have slightly better in terms of keyword tracking and finding out which he was a better, but they both have pretty good right.  

Jungle Scout have pretty good business tools you have a suite of business tools. For example, once you’ve set up your product you found a product and you’re actually on Amazon, they have a pretty good you know range of different tools to help you further your success. So, they’ve got; setting up promotion; email automation; profit overviews; sales analytic; inventory tracking. So, they’ve got all these really good tools. However, as ZonGuru take the lead hit just slightly with their vast suite of business tools they have an incredible amount of business tools, so let’s just go through them. Again, I have used all of these tools of both these products, both of these tools, so this is all based off my personal opinion of what I preferred. 

And just to have a bit of a back story up your selling on Amazon for over five years now quite successfully, and we have quite a good large course and student base. So, I feel like what I’m saying is somewhat validated from my experience. But again, you don’t have to listen to anything I say you can close the tab now. But I ask that you don’t and let’s finish or continue on. 

ZonGuru take the lead with; their vast suite of tools; they’ve got business features once you setup; they’ve got overview of all the costs; the profit; the revenue; the sales; the business value which is super cool because when you come in to sell the business it’s nice to see how much you’re worth; the inventory supply; email Automator which is a bit better than the jungle scales and I’ll explain a bit later; the review Automator which is super cool to help you get more reviews; the intellectual property monitor which act like this isn’t necessary you don’t need this it’s already amazing this tool but why not throw it in; and then as well as that they’ve got the individual order information which is really cool because you can quickly jump to individual orders the their page or it will take you to Amazon’s page you can see the order information, you can immediately contact the customer, you can blacklist a customer if they are causing you a lot of problems.  

So, all of those tools together I think that just kind of takes as long do slightly up. So, you got a ZonGuru here now and Jungle Scouts just below it over here. They both have like I said before a pretty good a Chrome extension when you’re actually on the Amazon.com.code.UK whatever dot you want to be on website that way when you search a keyword in Amazon’s search bar. You can click their extension and it will pop up all the information. ZonGuru is slightly more detailed than Jungle Scouts but we’re going to get into more detail about ease of use- and what was the last one accuracy bit later on in the article. So again, keep watching because that’s the most important. Accuracy which is the last round you should say I should say is the most important part of any tools you know backbone. 

Right continue on. ZonGuru have a few extra features worth mentioning because I mean this is going through feature. So, this is features that I didn’t see on Jungle Scout. They have a love-hate feature which basically scans everyone’s listings and it spits out all the negative reviews and all the positive reviews which is really good when you’re doing product research because you can find out what all the negative reviews are and all the bad parts of people’s products were and then when you’re going to design that product or all of that product from China, you can make sure that you offer better solutions for those you know mishaps that the other people have done. So, that’s really cool. They’ve also got a pretty good listing optimizer which is very-very good in terms of creating your product listing. So, that helps with keywords with other people’s back in keywords to see what everyone’s doing, so that’s pretty good. Both have a new feature which actually helps you find suppliers which I think is brilliant, and actually allows you to you know conduct product and supply research on the tool and it linked to Alibaba which I think is really-really good. And both have pretty decent training and education when it comes to Amazon FBA and using their tools. So, both of those are kind of the same.  

Lastly the price the price of round one this is the big crux of this round really- this is going to be what takes it away. Jungle Scout starts $69 a month, however- and this is a big however and this is what’s going to lose them the round [spoiler alert]. It’s $69 a month all the way up to four hundred and nineteen dollars a month and it’s based on the number of sales you are getting. So, as a newbie if you’re not selling on Amazon yet then you will be looking at paying $69 a month. However, someone like me who’s looking to invest in a tool right or as soon as you get started on Amazon you start getting sales, the tool changes price at 500 increments, I think. Let me have a quick check. I don’t want to make a mistake here. The tool changes price quite drastically and you can see from the picture that I have put up it starts at $69 a month, but it jumps up 89 if you’ve got 501 to 2000 orders. It jumps up to 119 if you’ve got 2001 to 5000 orders and it goes all the way to $419 a month if you’ve 10,000+ orders. And in my mind why the hell are you charging more money if I’m getting more orders? Yes, I know I’m making more money but that does not mean you should be charging me more money. Just because someone has more money it doesn’t mean they should spend it. They could be very good with their money and realized actually I don’t want to spend this extra money. So, I don’t like that at all that they’re charging all this extra. I can understand that they’re charging a bit extra because of the extra you know information they have to keep in their tool. But charging up to $419 is a bit drastic for me. 

With ZonGuru you have the $49 plan which doesn’t really cover as much stuff and it doesn’t tick all the boxes. So, the business plan which is at $99 a month is what I would go for. And $99 a month I know is more than Jungle Scouts original $69 a month, but that’s $99 a month for everything you’re not paying $99 a month between 99 and 419 it’s just $99 a month okay. They also have another version which is $199 a month which has a few more features and bigger numbers of the existing features from the $99 a month one. But again, not necessary to go for you’ll be absolutely fine with the $99 a month. 

So, what is the verdict of round one? Round one, both are excellent because of Jungle Scouts erratic pricing and apps we hate. I’m going to give around one two ZonGuru, so the small company is coming its way up. So, for me I just can’t see why Jungle Scout should charge up to $419 a month. I don’t know if they have anyone in that tier. I’m sure they’ve got lots of people and it’s a bit of a slap in the face, so round one goes to ZonGuru- well done.  

Ease of Use – Jungle Scout vs Zonguru

This is the ease-of-use round. Okay so customer service seems to be pretty good on both fronts. In terms of who has better customer service I feel that ZonGuru will have slightly better my service. And by the way this isn’t a sponsored article of either the links to both of the tools are in the description down below. And I am an affiliate of both tools so whichever one you select it doesn’t make a difference to my life. I’ve got no individual affiliation with either of the tools okay. So, I don’t want this to seem like it’s biased. But anyway, back to customer service now my point that I’m about to make makes a lot of sense because ZonGuru is a smaller company and they want to try harder and make sure that they build a relationship with their customers and they’ve got less customers, so they actually have more time to work on their customers that they do have. So, because Jungle Scout is a much bigger corporation it’s a bit more faceless and you’re dealing with a lot more customer support teams; so, in that sense I’m going to say ZonGuru who just takes the customer service portion of this round.  

Now in terms of the rest of the different tools that they offer like the Chrome extension or the tools within their actual suite, I’m going to say Jungle Scout is actually slightly easier to use off the bat okay. So, what I mean by that is when you’re first using the tools when you’re first trying them, Jungle Scout will jump to you a bit better. The immediate ease of use for Jungle Scout is a lot better. ZonGuru is slightly more complicated however and this is big, however. Once you realize how to use ZonGuru and it will take you a few times you might have thought through the training videos but once you realize how to use it will become really easy to use and what they offer is slightly more detailed which is why it’s more complicated. Jungle Scout is like an iPhone, it’s very simple to use very basic okay. It’s brilliant and it’s incredible, but it’s basic right and that’s why people get it straight away that’s why people love it. ZonGuru is like Android it can be a bit to figure out at times and you could actually learn how to use it, but once you can use it what you can do with it is astronomical right. You can do so many different things with the tool and it’s just there’s so many features okay. So, in terms of that I’m going to give the win to Jungle Scout just because this round is all about ease of use. And ease of use off the bat is very-very important.  

So, I’m going to say that Jungle Scout is the winner of round two. I don’t you to disregard that ZonGuru once you get used to it will become a super powerhouse in your suite of tools. And that brings us on to round three. 

Accuracy – Jungle Scout vs ZonGuru

Accuracy of information- so which tool is actually spitting out the most accurate information in terms of profit numbers keyword data, products, supply of validity, all of this kind of stuff okay. So, this is the most important part of any tools what ability or reason for being okay. If a tool doesn’t have good accuracy it doesn’t matter how many features they’re offering. It doesn’t matter how easy it is to use. It’s going to be a waste of your time and a waste of your money. You need a tool that is good and has good accuracy. So, the way I test the accuracy and this is the only way I can kind of think of testing the accuracy to make it a fair game is to input my own products into the tool okay. And that way I can test what the tools information is giving me on my product and I can actually go into the backend of my Amazon seller central which is the analytics from Amazon’s own data, so as accurate as it can be right and I compared the two data’s; that is how I decided which tool is more accurate. So, based on my tests the ZonGuru does come out of it being slightly more accurate than Jungle Scout. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know what algorithms they’re using. I don’t know how they’re tapping into Amazon’s numbers, but based on the profit the pricing the estimated sales the estimated revenue all of those numbers ZonGuru take the win just slightly. 

Now based off of that because in terms of keywords you can’t really track which product which tool has better keyword and data which is more reliable. However, based on the numbers of zone guru winning just a bit I like to think and I like to say that ZonGuru’s keyword research the data that they give off the keyword, how many search they get, how many people are using it the optimization of all of that, I’m going to say that they win slightly off of the keywords as well. So, Jungle Scout is good, but in terms of accuracy of the numbers and everything the ZonGuru slightly take the win. And for me you can’t really put a price on accuracy. In terms of let’s say ZonGuru was ten times the price, but it was ten times the accuracy I would say good for ZonGuru. So, because ZonGuru is slightly more accurate for me that’s the most important element of this entire boxing match this entire showdown of these two tools which is why I saved it for round three.  

So, I think song guru are going to take round three with a slight knockout all right. ZonGuru has taken this boxing match and have won this incredible showdown. This small company- this smaller company and the big boy company they have slowly knocked them out and come on top okay. They have won the heavyweight. I’ve got a stock with this boxing terminology. I don’t have boxing well enough and I sound stupid.  

So, let me just do a quick round up okay. Round one went to ZonGuru for the price and just a few extra features. Round two went to Jungle Scout for the ease of use. So, if you are someone who doesn’t really know how to use a computer and it just wants something as easy to use as wildly possible then Jungle Scout did take round two on ease of use. In terms of accuracy, when you’re looking to be incredibly precise with your research and you want to really narrow the gap in terms of finding a successful product- if you want to make sure you find a successful product you need your numbers to be as accurate as possible and ZonGuru took round three in terms of accuracy.  

So, that is the end of this incredible showdown. If you liked this article and you want to see more showdowns, please share this article. Leave a comment down below of tools that you want me to compare with each other. I can do Helium 10 I can do out there. There’s a whole bunch. There’s AMZ tracker. There’s this Unicorn Smasher tool which is all part of it. There’s a whole bunch of them. But and I want to ask you which tool is your favorite if you’re selling on Amazon? And if you are not selling on Amazon if you’re doing print-on-demand or anything else which tool would you get? Which tool sounds better?  

And again, don’t forget if you use any of these tools or you don’t use any of these tools doesn’t make a difference, share this article. And I really appreciate it and I just want to end this article by just saying a quick thank you very much to everyone who is commenting. You guys are literally the bread and butter of this website and you’re the reason I’m still making articles as often as I possibly can. So, I just want to say a massive thank you and I will see you next time.


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